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Varta (or वर्त) is a Sanskrit term, meaning both livelihood and subsistence. We chose Varta to represent our organization as it symbolizes our holistic, preventative approach to wellness, as well as our unique combination of Eastern and Western philosophies which have shaped our professional values. More than a name, Varta is something that each and every one of us possesses. Varta is your essence, and how you nourish it is up to you.

At Varta Fitness and Nutrition, we promote

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We provide personal training and nutrition consultation services to the Greater Seattle Area.

The Varta Fitness and Nutrition team is comprised only of consummate professionals. We understand that exercise and nutrition are scientific disciplines, and we take our profession seriously. Our associates are qualified and experienced professionals who have attained degrees in kinesiology and dietetics, as well as advanced certifications from reputable, world-renowned organizations.

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